Every Nejim piece is ethically crafted with precious metals and thoughtfully curated for the modern woman. We’re committed to creating timeless pieces with high-quality materials to maximize wear time and not feed into the world of fast fashion.

Our jewelry is made with responsibility-sourced materials through sustainable and ethical production practises. We are diligent about selecting production partners that align with our values and have the highest ethical and environmental standards in their production. 


Vermeil (propounded ver-may) is not your average gold plating. Our Gold Vermeil jewelry is plated with a minimum of 2.5 - 3 microns of 14k-18k gold on a base of .925 sterling silver.


Gold filled, also known as rolled gold, has a thick layer of solid gold mechanically bonded on jewellers’ brass. This layer is 100 times thicken than gold plating and can last for many years with proper care.


  • When not in use, store your jewelry in the Nejim jewelry box, pouch, or ziplock bag. 
  • To restore shine, occasionally polish your jewelry with our polishing cloth. Be careful to not over-polish your jewelry to protect your gold vermeil plating. 
  • Excessive exposure to moisture should be avoided when possible. Although occasional wear in water is fine, we recommend that jewelry is removed with exercising, showering, or swimming for long term care.
  • Keep your jewelry away from perfumes, moisturizers, lotions, chlorine, salts, and household cleaning products, as they can encourage silver oxidization.